Crazy or Wise is the Question

In this article Sandra shares her experience with tarot cards. She's an expert and amazing tarot reader. You can see for yourself.


Glad you got to read this! Certainly no coincidence…

Have you ever asked yourself what you are the most passionate about in life?

For me it's the things behind the things. In my career as a masseuse I was able to rediscover and get to know this subtle feeling. I couldn't grasp it with my mind, but I always "knew" inside myself, even as a child, that there was much more to discover besides body and matter. So I set out on the journey. Through many life experiences, further training and burning questions about life, I got closer and closer to the secret. The secret was MYSELF. I am LIFE. And life is as varied and colorful as each of us is individual. We are living proof of that.

About 20 years ago, a wise woman gave me a deck of tarot cards and immediately put my trust in my up-until-then unknown supernatural gift. Thanks to my inquisitive nature and my thirst for knowledge, I immediately started experimenting. It didn't take long until some of my friends also wanted to learn how to use this exciting tool, even though others said I was crazy and was involved with occult beings.

My development path was like a wave...up and down....

After many confirmations and phone calls from people telling me I had hit the mark with my readings and prophecies, I figured why not start asking for a donation. That went well until at some point I got the feeling that people were pulling on me, didn't want to take responsibility for themselves, were waiting for the golden recipe, which I would conveniently serve them on a tray. It no longer felt right, and I decided to let my gift rest, even if those around me sometimes protested.

However, some small spark of passion remained and woke me up again one day. "Sleeping Beauty" was awake again. This time I had the plan to turn my talent into a profession, which was not exactly easy for me due to the norms in our society. But I didn't let that stop me because I could already feel the time had come and the wheels were in motion. In this way, I gave my passion new value and am allowed to further enhance it on this blog of my dear friend Aiko.

Here is my offer to all those who are interested, curious and many more...

The tarot cards are a well-known oracular tool for introspection. Combined with the right amount of intuition, it is possible to gain insights and follow the golden thread of life and experience more clarity in decision-making phases. The cards contain messages that reflect your field of resonance and encourage you to unearth your potential bit by bit.

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