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It has been said that the only true influence one can have on someone else is by one's own life. Experiencing this to be true i choose my association wisely and strive to be good association for others.


Before my Yoga Teacher Training I was working for the biggest website company in Italy. I still build websites as a side job, so if you're interested, and love my website, don't hesitate to contact me!

Now From Finland

Now From Finland

I was born in Japan and moved to Italy at the age of five. After high school, I started traveling and consider myself a world citizen.
Some of the places I have lived are London, Venice, South Tyrol, India, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, and Sweden.

Walking Camiño de Santiago in Spain opened my heart to a higher prospective. After this pilgrimage I felt a calling to go to India and my journey into yoga and Ayurveda began. When I moved back to Europe after India, my new work colleagues asked me to teach them yoga and I started giving classes. This kindled a strong desire to keep sharing my knowledge with others because I saw how beneficial it was. One of the main things I teach is to learn as we are all students forever. I pass on these teachings verbally, in song, in writing, in cooking, through the body language of yoga, by healing touch, and also in the form of painting.

There is a powerful singing form of yoga called kirtana where mantras are chanted in meditative melodies. This is by far my favorite kind of yoga. I love to paint with water colors and watch images appear through the strokes of the brush. You may get to see my paintings here and there if you follow me on social media.


I’m vegetarian, and as I follow the principle of ahimsa it makes me practically a vegan. The only dairy products I would consume would be from protected animals. I also strive to extend this principle to environmental and human rights awareness and prefer supporting sustainable cultivation and fair trade. Something worth mentioning here is that I’m in a love relationship with the culinary arts and feel very much in my element in the kitchen.


The Story Behind My Business?


"No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving."

- Anne Frank

We Rise by Lifting Others

20% (or more) of my monthly income goes to charity

These causes are especially dear to me. I invite you to support any or all of them directly if they resonate with you.
I'm Amrita - I love cuddles


Madhuvan's Cows

The Madhuvan herd live on top of a jungle mountain in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica. The surrounding thousands of acres of pasture host cows to be sold for beef, but this particular herd is protected by the principle of non-violence (ahimsa) that their caretakers follow.
With patience we hope for this to become a growing trend. I have had the honor to cuddle these sweet cows.



Days For Girls

Let’s shatter the stigma of menstruation. Days for Girls advances menstrual equity, health, dignity, and opportunity for all. They transform periods into pathways.  They increase access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating Social Entrepreneurs, mobilizing volunteers, and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigma and limitations for women and girls.



Avasar Organization

Avasar Organisation works to provide education for children in a beautiful Indian little village called Radha Kund. I have visited this place several times and love the people involved with this project. As this organisation grows more children will be able to learn English which will provide them better work opportunities.

We believe in a world where periods are never a problem




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