Yoga For Reiki Practitioners

Welcoming reiki practitioners into the world of yoga.

The founder of the system of reiki, Mikao Usui, was influenced by practices from traditions such as Buddhism, Shintoism, martial arts, and Shugendo. Likewise, the founders of the modern yoga systems combined various influences, which have been described as the grafting of branches onto the living tree of yoga.

If you trace it back far enough you can find common roots in both yoga and reiki.

In today’s world, we find people practicing both yoga and reiki or perhaps practicing either while coming across and getting curious about the other. It is like two friends that parted ways a long time ago now meeting again by chance or destiny and sitting down to share notes of what they have learned.

This is happening in my life, and I offer yoga classes structured specifically for reiki practitioners. We will interface the two systems and explore what each system can learn about itself from the other. In these classes, we will practice elements of both yoga and reiki.

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