Your Menstrual Bleed Doesn't Make You Broken

It's time to tune into your cycle and learn what it has to say. It's time to celebrate all of the things that make you unique, including your menstrua

Hey, it's you. We need to talk :)

No, we're not breaking up, but we do need to have a chat about something that's been on our minds lately. It's something we think you should know about yourself, something you've likely been told your entire life: your menstrual bleed makes you broken.

Well, it's time to let go of that idea. Your menstrual bleed doesn't make you broken. It doesn't make you dirty or impure. It doesn't make you any less than anyone else. Your menstrual bleeding is a powerful part of your cycle, a signal that everything is fine.

It's time to tune into your cycle and learn what it has to say. It's time to celebrate all of the things that make you unique, including your menstrual bleeding. So let go of the idea of being broken, and start celebrating your cycle for all that it is.

Menstrual Bleeding Happens

Menstrual bleeding happens to almost all women at some point in their lives. It's a normal bodily function, and it doesn't make you broken. It's a powerful part of your cycle that can release and heal emotional pain.

When you're in tune with your menstrual cycle, you can use your bleed to your advantage. You can use it as an opportunity to reflect on your life and tune into what you need at that time. You can also use it as a way to connect with other women and create a community.

So if you're feeling down about your period, or like it's something to be ashamed of, know that you are not alone. Menstrual bleeding happens to almost all women, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Reclaim the power of your cycle, and know that you are whole and complete, no matter what phase of your bleed you're in.

We Accept All Other Bleeds

Yes, your menstrual bleeding is special, but it's not the only bleeding that's special.

We accept all other bleeds as valid and powerful. A baby's birth is a beautiful and awe-inspiring experience, and we honor every drop of blood that comes with it. A mother's post-birth bleed is seen as a sign of strength and power. The blood of injury and trauma is respected for its ability to help us heal.

So why do we have such a hard time accepting our menstrual bleeding?

It's time to let go of the idea of being broken. Our menstrual bleeding is a powerful part of our cycle, and it deserves to be honored and respected. Tune into your cycle and learn to love all aspects of it, including your menstrual bleeding.

Your Menstrual Bleed Is a Powerful Part of Your Cycle

Your menstrual bleeding is a powerful part of your cycle. It's a time when you can tune into your body and release the idea of being broken. It's a time to rest and rejuvenate, to gather your energy for the month ahead.

When you're in tune with your cycle, you can work with it rather than against it. You can use the energy of your menstrual bleed to your advantage, and make the most of the month ahead. I'll never be tired to repeat this.

Releasing the Idea of Being Broken

Breaking through the stigma of menstrual bleeding is one of the most empowering steps you can take on your journey to self-love. This can be difficult, especially in an age when period taboos still exist.

The idea that menstrual blood is something “bad” or “dirty” can sometimes be hard to shake off, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Recognize that your bleeding is normal and necessary for your reproductive health. Your menstrual blood does not make you broken!

You don’t need to fix or change anything about your bleed cycle other than shifting the mindset about what it means. Choose instead to focus on how powerful and life-giving your cycle is - how it reminds you that you are strong, capable, and cyclically connected to nature's wisdom. It’s time to rewrite the narrative around menstruation and celebrate your unique journey of self-love and acceptance.

Tuning Into Your Cycle

Tuning into your cycle is an important part of understanding and embracing menstruation. Think of your menstrual bleeding as the magical, powerful tool it is. It can bring greater awareness to the ebb and flow of your bodily functions and give you insight into yourself on a much deeper level. Track your cycle, listen to what your body is telling you, and notice changes throughout the month.

Remember, every cycle is different; some months will be heavier or longer than others, and some lighter or shorter. This is because our hormones fluctuate throughout the month and affect many systems in our bodies including our reproductive system. Your menstrual bleed reflects this natural hormonal change so don’t be alarmed if there are any shifts from month to month. Embrace it—it’s normal!

Supporting Yourself Around Your Menstrual Bleed

You must take steps to support yourself surrounding your menstrual bleeding. This can be something as simple as blocking off some time where you can rest and listen to your body, or taking the day off work if needed.

Remember, your monthly bleed is not a sign of weakness or brokenness—it's a powerful part of the cycle that you live in. When it's time for your menstruation, it’s important to find ways to release any feelings of frustration and guilt for needing time away from regular life activities.

Take some time for yourself and tap into what is going on in your body. Meditate, journal, take a warm bath, do some yoga poses—find an activity that helps you relax and check in with yourself. Releasing yourself from judgment around your menstrual bleeding will allow you to reconnect with the power it holds. Contact me if you need more support!


You are not broken. You are not dirty. You are not lesser than others because you bleed. You are not cursed. You are not a vessel for bad luck.

Bleeding is a natural and necessary process that happens to all human bodies and thanks to your bleeding, you can put on earth a baby. It is something to be honored and respected. When we tune into our cycles and use the bleed as an opportunity for introspection and release, we can empower ourselves in ways we never thought possible.

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