5 Facts That Will Help You Find Harmony With Your Menstrual Cycle

“I wish I could just remove my uterus and be done with it!” If you ever had such thought, here I explain you how powerful your cycle actually is.

Menstruation is an initiatory trip to power (a maturation process): a psychological death and rebirth process that unfolds over the course of each menstrual month, leading to progressively higher levels of consciousness. Menstruality is the information, understanding, and awareness that a woman accumulates through the month-by-month lived experience of this recurrent initiation, as well as the knowledge, knowing, and consciousness that she generates in her society.

There is so much science and love in our menstrual cycle that you have no idea about 😊

So here are 5 things you may not know about your menstrual cycle: 

1- The menstrual cycle is divided in 4 phases that we can compare with the four seasons of the year.

    Your menstrual cycle moves through an inner winter, spring, summer, and fall, and then back to winter again, just like the seasons of the year. Each phase introduces a unique collection of tools and psychological challenges to help you develop and embody your power. 

    To give you a sense of how these stages work in a common 28-day cycle (cycle lengths vary from person to person and sometimes also from cycle to cycle), consider the following:

    The inner winter lasts about 7 days and ends on day 5 (meaning it begins a couple of days before the period).

    The inner spring lasts from around the 6th to the 11th day.

    The inner summer lasts from around the 12th to 19th day.

    Autumn comes around day 20 and stays until around day 26.

    However, don't get too worked up about certain dates. The main thing is to recognize and follow your own cycle experience, as well as to discover for yourself when the seasons change. 

    2- You can adapt your daily life according to your menstrual cycle and overcome PMS

    If you learn to do so you'll unfold all the inner powers that are coming with each season. 

    Wild blueberry picking has its own time of the year, and in the same way, there are times in our cycles where creativity, rest, and interaction find their element. I created a program where I teach you how to get in touch with and blossom the power of each season through yoga practice and lifestyle. There is also a video where I explain in details how to enter in contact with your inner seasons.

    Adapting your lifestyle to your menstrual cycle means always, every day, not only the days when you're menstruating 🩸 

    3- Charting your menstrual cycle will help you understand your emotional and behavioural patterns 

    By charting your menstrual cycle you’ll see that you’re following a pattern. If you learn to feel your body, if you learn how your body is working, then you will be able to understand how to act accordingly. 

    When you start charting your menstrual cycle, you will be able to recognize the patterns already during the second month. Which are the days when you're sad?  Which are the days when you’re happy, when you're pissed off... when you are super enthusiastic, when sometimes, you just say yes, yes, yes to everything but then you realize, "Oh, I can’t do that!" 

    I will write another article on how to chart your menstrual cycle in a useful way. 

    4- Fun fact: In 1946 Walt Disney made an informative movie on menstruation 😊 

    5- When you're on the pill, your period isn't a 'real' period.

    Of course, you bleed during the first week after taking the pills. However, that is properly referred to as "monthly withdrawal bleeding." It differs from a conventional period in a few ways.

    In most cases, ovulation occurs in the middle of your menstrual cycle. Your hormone levels drop when the egg your ovaries release isn't fertilized, causing you to shed the lining inside your uterus and getting your period.

    However, birth control medications hinder ovulation. Most types require three weeks of hormone therapy followed by one week of tablet therapy. They stop your body from releasing an egg, but they don't stop it from lining your uterus for the rest of the month.

    Your body's reaction to the lack of hormones from the previous week of the pill is period-like bleeding during the fourth week.

    And with this I'll end this article. Please always feel free to contact me for any questions and doubts regarding the topic, I'm very happy to help out 🙏 

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