How I Started My Online Business as a Yoga Teacher

Here I share what I learned along the way as I started my own business teaching yoga online, including info about the platforms I chose to work with.

Yes, I did my yoga teacher training course during the pandemic :) 

It actually started before the pandemic, but I did a one-year training, so it covered the lock-down period. 

I've been practicing, studying, and teaching yoga for many years though. Many friends told me in the past I should teach yoga professionally, but it was one of those things I always put in a corner and didn't develop the idea until January 2020. 

Finishing my course in December that same year with Buddhi Yoga Studio, I was like: "Okay... now what? I live in Sweden; I don't speak the language; there is a global pandemic going on. Where will I teach yoga?" Shortly thereafter, I came across a Facebook post where an online yoga studio was looking for teachers all over the world. "Boom!" I thought. "That's for me; I will teach there." 

Having applied and gone through the process of becoming an online teacher for that platform, I soon realized I would have to adapt my teaching to their standards. I have a different approach to yoga, as some of you may know, following Ayurvedic principles with regards to seasonal changes. (Nowadays, I mainly tailor yoga to women according to their inner seasons. At that time, I was simply going by the seasons of the year.) Working for this platform would not have been following the teachings of yoga that I learned. I decided to go independent in order to stay true to myself in my teaching, well aware it would be way more complicated. 

I started researching the topic and tried so many different platforms. Some years ago, I was working for a website developer and have some knowledge in building websites. I still do it for friends. So I built my website on Wordpress before coming across Zenler, an all-in-one platform for teaching online courses. 

As I was researching that, I got some adds telling me about Susanne Rieker who was offering a free masterclass on the topic, specifically for yoga teachers, advertising the course she was selling. So I attended, and with all the luck of this world I won the entire course for free. Yes, for free!

The universe was telling me that I was going to the right direction. "I will become an online yoga teacher."

I valued this gift a lot and put all my efforts into creating an online course. What she was teaching resonated so much with my ideals. She was teaching to be authentic, unique, and this was all I needed to hear. 

I opened my podcast as a first step, and honestly, I loved it. This is so much fun. It's all about how to put spiritual theory into practice. After that, I extended the idea to offering meditations also on Insight Timer, another pearl for my business. 

I had subscribed to Zenler but was not really sure how it worked. So I let it sit for a while until I discovered the preciousness of it. They offer free trainings on marketing, SEO, how to make courses, how to build your website, literally everything I needed. 

So now, after one year, I successfully launched my first online course, and I'm still learning how to improve my online business. 

Zenler really made my life way, way easier. Website, email marketing, funnels, and Zoom are all included, and their partner program is also simply amazing and convenient. You get 40% of the billing - forever - for everyone who signs up with your link. If only three people sign up, your costs are covered. Isn't that amazing? 

So the three main gems that helped me becoming an online yoga teacher are: 


Insight Timer

The resolve to never stop learning 

Sincerity is infallible. Be yourself and go outside your comfort zone. Don't feel shy to share your knowledge, your wisdom. Life is love, and love is sharing. 

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