Costa Rica 2022
with Aiko

8-day Yoga & Menstrual Harmony Retreat

This is not an ordinary retreat. You'll have to go through a selection process
 to see if this experience matches your nature. There are limited spots available.

July 21 - July 28

Find Your Menstrual Harmony and Balance
 at a Yoga Retreat in a Peaceful Ashram Environment

How to Find Menstrual Harmony with Yoga

My perspective on yoga is different from the ones you may have encountered or practiced till now. Below I will express what I mean by that, and I appreciate having your precious attention.

 Yoga means union, but uniting what? You first have to unite the facets of your inner being in order to be able to fully unite outside, with Mother Nature, with other people and animals, and with the universe. My motto is to start from where you are, in your body, which is an expression of your state of consciousness.

Your menstrual cycle is approximately one month long and moves through an inner winter, spring, summer, and fall, and then returns to winter, just like the seasons of the year. Each phase carries a unique set of resources and psychological challenges to help you develop and inhabit your power.

I teach women to discover their inner power, to learn to love themselves through yoga and lifestyle practices. My classes are formulated to harmonise what is going on outside with what is happening inside you. 

How to Find Menstrual Harmony with Yoga

Madhuvan Ashram

Madhuvan is a Bhakti yoga ashram in Costa Rica, situated in a 150-acre tract of dry tropical forest land on a ridge-top. Howler monkeys, coatis, armadillos, and iguanas are some of the wildlife that can be seen and heard here, not to mention the various colorful birds.

The Ashram was established in 2007 by Swami Tripurari and his students, and since then they are working on developing a self sufficient community around the principle of simple living and deep thinking.

The temple building is the hub of our activities. The residents gather here every morning, noon, and evening for prayer, meditation, and vegetarian meals. The mantras and chants (kirtan) are in the Bengali and Sanskrit languages.

ahimsa CUISINE 

If some of you have studied yoga and its philosophy you may already be familiar with the concept of ahimsa, non-violence.
We try to apply this concept on a daily life basis, and this includes what we decide to eat.
We are vegetarians, and we only use milk products when our protected cows produce milk.
The retreat costs includes three ahimsa meals per day, and let me tell you something: the food there is simply divine!



The cabins are rustic and graceful. Built with materials such as local teak wood, the decor is bright and natural. Each cabin has two beds and a bathroom. Because we are off the electric grid, high voltage/amperage devices (hair dryers, electric cooking devices, etc.) cannot be used.

The cabins are situated at a 10-minute walk from the dining and gathering facilities, within the jungle in a beautiful tropical setting. The paths are somewhat steep. WiFi connection is available in the cabins as well as in the common areas.

Yoga & Menstrual Harmony Retreat

What to Expect


- 6 days full accommodation (+ arrival and departure)
- 2 yoga classes per day (12 in total)
- Morning and evening kirtan at the Ashram temple  
- 2 classes on menstrual cycle and ayurveda
- 2 classes on yoga philosophy
- 3 ahimsa meals per day
- Wifi
- Transport from and to Liberia airport
- 1 or 2 day-trips to the beach
- Visit to the local natural waterfall if possible
- All taxes included

Not Included

- Airfare

Bring your bestie for an amazing discount!


$ 2108


$ 1708


It Is Not The Person Who Should Adapt To Yoga,
But Rather Yoga To The Person 

Classes Schedule


· 6 am Kirtan in the temple with short silent meditation
· 6:30 am Silent walk to the yoga area
· 6:45 am Pranayama and yoga class
· 8:15 am Ahimsa breakfast
· Free time
· 11:00 am Menstrual Cycle and Ayurveda class (two times in total)
· 11:00 am Yoga Philosophy class (two times in total)
· 12:30 Ahimsa lunch
· Free time
· 4:30 pm Pranayama and yoga class
· 6 pm Kirtan in the temple, and short reading from the Bhagavad-gita
· 7 pm Ahimsa dinner
There will be one day trip to the beach with lunch pic-nic, and if there has been enough rain we can go for a swim at the local waterfall two or three times.

More details will be given once you’ve passed the selection.
I'm Aiko

Hi, I'm Aiko, and I'm truly excited to accompany you for this part of your path. Paying attention to what my body is telling me flipped a switch and turned my life around, and I’m looking forward to see the same thing happen to you. I want every woman on Earth to have this knowledge and receive guidance. That's why I’m inviting you to this retreat.  

Again, start where you are: in  the temple of your own body. Menstruation is not just a nuisance that comes to annoy you for a bunch of days every month; it's a nudge to remind you of the entire cycle and the power that comes along with it.

Here is a video of Madhuvan I recorded with my husband when we were living there.

Important dates

Important dates: 

· Arrival, lunch and/or dinner - Wednesday, July 21
· Opening ceremony, first yoga class - Thursday, July 22
· Closing ceremony, last yoga class - Tuesday, July 27
· Breakfast, lunch, departure - Wednesday, July 28

If anyone wants to prolong their stay at Madhuvan you are most welcome. Just ask me for payment and contact details, etc.