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You will learn how to understand and navigate the seasons of life, aligning them harmoniously with your menstrual cycle.

You will gain powerful tips on reclaiming your feminine power, empowering you to assert full authority and leadership in the world.

You will learn to see your challenges from different perspectives, empowering you to navigate them with purpose and direction.

"Aiko and Leonor explain in a gentle, mindful and most of all understanding way how to get a deeper understanding of one's menstrual cycle by gaining a deeper understanding of the seasons of life..."

 -Liisa Hildinger



  • Comprehensive video on life's seasons and the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle
  • Workbook

video + workbook

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  • Comprehensive video on life's seasons and the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle
  • Workbook

"A woman’s cycle is natural and it affects our lives every day. Learning about the inner seasons makes so much sense and can help us to understand the different phases during the month. It also shines light on many things that many do not know of. Like when to rest and when it is good to work more or plan projects. It can help in planning tasks at home, at the office and how to exercise and what to eat..."

Postpartum Doula

discover the power of your menstrual cycle


PMS affects your productivity and well-being.

reclaiming feminine power


You've been immersed in a life filled with masculine energy, prioritizing achievement and action, and you wish to rediscover and reconnect with your feminine energy.

yoga love


Navigating changes feels challenging, and you're seeking guidance and support to embrace transformation and find your way forward.

In This Free training You will Learn

About Your Seasons 

What are the inner seasons of your menstrual cycle and the seasons of your life

How to Navigate Changes 

This training will teach you how to steer through the changes that a woman experiences in her life and within herself.

to Honor Your Cyclical Nature:

As women in modern society, we have become disconnected from our cyclical nature. It’s time to reconnect with our essence so that we can more easily navigate the challenges of life. 

A Note From Amrita

A Note From Us

Aiko & Leonor

Start where you are: in your own body. Menstruation is not just something that comes to annoy you for a few days every month; it’s an invitation to become aware of your cyclical nature and the power that comes with it.

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