I'm Aiko,
Life-Sync Coach
Passionate about
Women's Holistic Wellness

What I Offer:


Cycle Syncing Coaching is a personalized coaching program that empowers women to optimize well-being by aligning their daily activities with the natural rhythms of their menstrual cycle.

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Easeful Menopause Coaching offers holistic guidance and empowerment to women, aiding them in confidently navigating the transitions of perimenopause and menopause for a smooth and balanced experience.

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Hormonal Harmony Coaching is expert guidance designed to help women navigate and balance their hormones, promoting enhanced mood, sustained energy, and overall well-being.

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Flow with Your Cycle: Embrace Cycle Syncing

Menstruation is not just something that comes to annoy you for a few days every month; it's an invitation to become aware of the whole cycle and the power that comes with it.


You will gain a deep understanding of your body and you will have the tools and strategies you need to maintain your newfound balance and wellness on your own.

The Art o f Cycle Syncing

This one-of-a-kind experience delves into the profound connection between life's seasons and the inner rhythms within a woman's menstrual cycle.

menstrual harmony

The most comprehensive online program for learning how to do yoga following your menstrual cycle.

 "I'm so thankful for Aiko's cycle consultation. With her guidance, my cycle finally returned! Something I wasn't able to do on my own.

During our consultation, I gave her detailed information. She pointed out the things I'm doing well and need to work on. She emphasized doing things at a pace that I can handle sustainably. Like adding to my physical activities and practical eating tips to help with my PCOS and insulin resistance. Keeping these in mind, I worked on adding to my walking steps and making small changes to my eating habits.

And in three months, my cycle returned!

That achievement motivated me to stick to my new habits, and now, we're in the second month of experiencing my cycle again. This was after only having it once or twice a year for two years.

If you're dealing with menstrual cycle issues, I highly recommend working with Aiko. She's THE life sync coach you need in your life.

Melanie Montaño
email marketer

Inside Our Coaching Journey Step-by-Step

◉ Book Your Coaching

◉ Upon booking, you'll receive a detailed form to fill out. This comprehensive questionnaire helps me understand your current state, goals, and body type.

◉ After form submission, we'll coordinate a suitable time for our first session. Our initial session, typically lasting around 2 hours, involves in-depth discussions, addressing your questions, and analyzing your habits to formulate a personalized plan aligned with your goals.

◉ For multiple sessions, we'll collaboratively set goals for the upcoming sessions. This involves reflecting on challenges, adjusting methods, and celebrating accomplishments.  

◉ Throughout the coaching journey, we continuously assess your progress, making adjustments as needed to ensure your path aligns with your objectives. Many clients observe positive changes as early as the first week, marking the beginning of your transformative wellness journey.

Aiko Yoga Reiki

 "I was about to start hormonal therapy because my periods were so heavy and unbearably painful, but after only one consultation with Aiko, my period was so much better than it had been in years. Aiko has helped me improve not only my health but also my daily life. Her coaching is the definition of holistic; it helped me improve my life from the inside out and get to know myself better every day. This improved my relationships and my spiritual life. Of course, it requires commitment, but with her by my side, I feel confident that I can make it happen.

Founder, Cafe Chingòn

Given that the majority of individuals with a female reproductive system who go through menopause and have a menstrual cycle identify as women, I use terms like 'women' and 'she/her pronouns.' However, it's essential to acknowledge that people of any gender can have a period and experience menopause. Furthermore, not all women will have anatomy that requires them to go through menopause. So, whether you identify as a woman or not, my coachings and teachings are inclusive and relevant to you as long as you have a female reproductive system 🌈

Get to know me better.

Have you ever felt like your hormones were running the show, leaving you overwhelmed, tired, and out of balance? It's time to take control of your well-being. Work with me to regain your natural rhythms and embrace a harmonious life.
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Mirella Georgieva Review

"Yoga Following Your Menstrual Cycle course is very well structured, full of knowledge, and it makes one spend two hours a day on self-care, which by itself is amazing. I loved how Aiko guides it—so calm and loving. She emphasized being more gentle with ourselves, accepting and embracing our period, and attuning to our inner needs in each of our inner seasons. Those points really did make a huge impact on how I experience my femininity and myself. Totally recommend it." 

Mirella Georgieva

The Best Teachers Are Those Who Show You Where To Look, But Don't Tell You What To See.


"Just finished my personal journey with Aiko’s yoga classes. I had a customized session that supported me through post-partum recovery.
Aiko carefully took into consideration my constitution and she accommodated my special body needs , creating a well structured course.
I really loved the pranayama time because introduced me new methods which I wasn’t aware of.  I noticed since the beginning an improvement in flexibility , back pain , pelvic floor recovery and general health. Although the most important change was into my inner balance and harmony.
I highly recommend Aiko to everyone who wants to learn a gentle yoga approach 🙏🏻"

Visual Merchandiser

"I was very pleased to have a personalized yoga session with Aiko, especially since I had never experienced tailored yoga before. Aiko's approach was thorough and deeply rooted in Ayurveda, providing clear guidance on how to address my specific concerns. What truly stood out were the detailed explanations she offered during our sessions, making it all the more evident why we practiced particular poses and breathing techniques. Aiko often conducted our sessions outdoors, which created an enjoyable yoga experience with the fresh air, the presence of trees, and the warmth of the sun. I wholeheartedly recommend Aiko's personalized yoga as a gentle yet remarkably effective approach to nourishing your body and achieving holistic wellness."

Shiatsu Therapist

"The body, mind and emotions are closely related. At some point when we want to deal with any of these areas we turn to yoga. Yoga is a path to us and everything outside of us. In order for a teacher to lead us on this path, they need maturity, life experience, depth, knowledge and personal success. Aiko has these qualities. She has gone through a difficult path so that she can now offer herself in our service. It is a great pleasure to be guided by her, because she is soft, attentive, flexible and finds a way for each person while at the same time steadily follows through with a goal. And the goal is your health and inner well-being. Follow her."

Detelina Marinska
Holistic Healer

“She expertly guided me through each of the four Inner Seasons and assisted in the corresponding asanas and pranayama. Aiko’s way of explaining is very clear, gentle, and personal so that I felt comfortable right away. I could understand she has been doing yoga for many years because her words and gestures seemed to come from a place of deep realization, humility, and peace.”   

Indra Bahìa
Singer/Song Writer

It Is Not The Person Who Should Adapt To Yoga,
But Rather Yoga To The Person. 
It Is Not The Person Who Should Adapt To Yoga,
But Rather Yoga To The Person.